PENNY: Champion of the Marginalized News

penny post card
PENNY: Champion of the Marginalized Public Broadcast so far has reached 80% coverage in more than 50 major markets across the country.

PENNY: Champion of the Marginalized is available on DVD at I.V. Studios and Streaming at VHX


Rituals of Remembrance Special Screening & News

Special Screening & Benefit of Rituals of Remembrance: Exploring the Art of Mourning  A film by Maggie Simpson Adams & Elizabeth Sher

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Special Screening
Benefit to help us raise funds for closed captioning the film for broadcast

Sunday October 1 at 12:40pm
New Parkway Theater
474-24th Street, Oakland, CA
Tickets $15 General, $10 Students at Eventbrite
$50 donation includes 2 tickets, DVD of film & DVD of Making Mole the Oaxacan Way

Rituals of Remembrance: Exploring the Art of Mourning looks at other times and cultures to integrate life and death in a more healing and satisfying way.   The film was inspired by the loss of Maggie’s uncle and a year later her aunt.   Featuring Amalia Mesa Bains, Jill Tracy, Darren Waterston, Murray Korngold, Caitlin Doughty, Maureen DeLorme and more.

Dates for additional screenings and broadcast coming later in October

Rituals of Remembrance
Rituals of Remembrance on Facebook

June Film & Art News

penny posterPENNY airing in Bay Area on KRCB TV – June 20 at 9 PM

On cable channels 22, 22.1 and 1022, or check your listing. For other areas, check you local listings.

3 rituals imagesRituals of Remembrance is finished!!!

After nearly a decade Elizabeth Sher an Maggie Simpson Adams have finally finished for Rituals of Remembrance: The Art of Mourning. Featuring Doctor Amalia Mesa Baines, Caitlin Doughty, Jill Tracy, Murray Korngold and many more. Stand by for screenings, streaming and more. Keep updated through our Facebook page, Rituals of Remembrance Movie

Merc 20 for ebalst
With much excitement, Elizabeth Sher has joined Mercury 20 Gallery!

Stay tuned for shows and events.
Mercury 20 Gallery | 475 25th Street, Oakland CA 94612 | Tel: 510-701-4620

Spring Film News

PENNY – Champion of the Marginalized

Penny at work

There’s still  time to catch PENNY on TV (and tell your pals across the nation).   Below are some scheduled times but you might come across others surfing (or with insomnia)

Detroit PTV
Wed May 10 at 4:30 AM – set your DVR!

OETA Oklahoma statewide
Thursday June 1 at 7 PM
Saturday June 3 at 9:30 PM (on OETA Okla channel)

WTTW Chicago (the primamry station) has scheduled PENNY for the following airtimes:
Thursday, June 22nd at 10:30pm on their main channel
Friday, June 24th at 4am on their main channel
Friday, June 23rd at 4:30pm on their WTTW Prime channel

KVIE/Sacramento has scheduled the film
Saturday, June 17th at 4:30am on KVIE2
Thursday, June 22nd at 2:30am on KVIE2

PENNY on PBS Calendar


Rituals of Remembrance – the Art of Mourning


After nearly a decade Rituals of Remembrance made with Maggie Simpson Adams is done!

Information about the Premiere, DVDs, streaming and show availability coming soon – stand by and check back regularly on Facebook Rituals of Remembrance Movie.

November Art & Film Updates

Rough Cuts

rough cuts.pngWednesday, November 2nd, I will be the panel moderator for KQED’s Rough Cuts in San Francisco, from 7-9 PM. We will be viewing Baghdad to The Bay and talking with the Director, Erin Palmquist.

The event if free, and if you would like to attend, please RSVP by noon on Nov.2nd to

Yoko Ono’s Arising Project

14753413_10211278819753253_7173583292903075633_oMy eyes and story are part of Yoko Ono’s Arising Project at the Reykjavik Museum in Iceland, Oct 7, 2016-February 5, 2017.

Art is a Living Thing

storm-triptych3 panels from my work “Storm” are included in Art is a Living Thing at the Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art, in Masterton, NZ, Dec. 2, 2016-Jan 15, 2017

Fall Art and Film News

Back from my second residency at Gullkistan Center for Creativity in Laugarvatn, Iceland.   This island nation continues to inspire with its gorgeous panoramic vistas, bubbling “hot spots”, rocks, lakes, horses, sheep, cliffs, sunsets and so much more.   With their current push for tourists (1 million this year for 330,000 citizens), the popular sites are now more crowded with bus tours each day.  Reservations are required where none were 4 years ago.   It is still vast and idillic in many parts but if you are thinking of going – soon will be better than later.


Gullkistan Residency – new digs in former restaurant – great studio space, great kitchen!


My wall of drawings came home in this orange box

The West Fjords inspire – still pristine as it’s a bit out of the way for tourists. 



Paintings inspired by West Fjords vistas, Iceland

PENNY screens in Iceland – and as always Penny Cooper garners new fans.


Article from Penny screening in Iceland. Hope it’s good.



Rituals of Remembrance – the art of mourning made with Maggie Simpson Adams over the last 8 years is on the home stretch!   Work-in-progress screening in Iceland was followed by a vibrant discussion of death and mourning practices and ideas – just like we hope it always will.  Watch of upcoming screenings this fall – check Rituals of Remembrance Movie on Facebook for details.


Stills from Too Young (left) and Wash It (right)

Sher’s short films Too Young and Wash It and will tour this fall in a program of short films curated by Tess Takahashi – Stand By for More Info!